The most common cause of dark circles is that the skin under the eyes is very thin. This can be caused by genetic conditions, age, fluid retention, etc.

So, when the skin becomes thinner, the blood vessels under it become more visible and it is precisely the blood under the skin that gives dark circles under the dark and purple appearance.
In addition, not getting enough sleep can also cause dark circles, since this lack affects the circulatory system of your body, so the blood vessels are not drained properly.

Dark circles don’t suit anyone, and getting rid of them means looking healthier, more rested, and much younger.
Therefore, below we want to present some easy treatments and remedies that can help you get rid of dark circles and make them disappear, or at least reduce them.

Laser treatments
Laser treatments are an effective way to remove dark circles, soften the skin under the eyes and reduce redness and discoloration that can occur in this area of the face.

This treatment uses invisible ultraviolet or infrared light to create wavelengths that release energy that moves the length and breadth of the skin.
The energy is absorbed through the layers of the skin and causes a repairing effect, at the same time that it corrects the dark and irregular pigments of the skin caused by dark circles.

If the darkness of your dark circles has a vascular cause, then the VBeam Perfect laser is a very good option.
If the darkness is a consequence of excessive pigmentation of the skin, then Pico Way is a more effective possibility.
And finally, to treat deep discolorations, dermatologists recommend the use of Fraxel, which reduces darkness in three to five sessions.
Whichever type of laser you choose, make sure you go to an experienced doctor who specializes in laser treatments and make sure that you have a prior consultation explaining in detail which laser will be used and why.

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Hyaluronic acid
As we have already mentioned, one of the reasons for the appearance of dark circles is the fact that the skin under the eyes has become thinner.

When this happens, you start to see blood vessels and other components that are under the skin that is dark in color.
It is usually part of the aging process, but some people may start experiencing this problem sooner or discover that its blue tones are more pronounced than might be expected.

Thus, doctors can inject hyaluronic acid to fill the area, so that the lower eyelids appear less saggy and shadowed.

When dark circles are caused by the subsidence of the skin under the eyes, the only long-term solution is this type of injection.

You can read all the complete information about the treatment of dark circles with hyaluronic acid.
Specialty peels
If dark circles are not caused by sagging skin areas under the eyes or because the skin has become thinner, we may simply need to correct the tone and texture of your skin.

To achieve this, it may be a good idea to try chemical peels.

An exfoliation or peel with a combination of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid works in a non-invasive way to provide new clarity to the areas around the eyes.
This treatment is also effective in improving fine lines and wrinkles while regulating skin oil and pore dilation and is a suitable option for all skin types.

Chemical peels rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, carefully removing the top layer of skin that has been damaged and tainted.

Once this top layer is removed, a new, younger, and a healthier layer is exposed.

It is a treatment for dark circles that is non-invasive and is usually performed by a dermatologist. Its duration depends on the type of treatment chosen (superficial, medium or deep exfoliation).

Carboxytherapy is a minimally invasive treatment that works by gently introducing small amounts of carbon dioxide into the oxygen-depleted skin under the eyes.

This forces the capillaries to open and provide more oxygen to this area of the skin.
As a result of improved blood circulation, the skin appears brighter, more elastic, improve collagen production, and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles that accentuate dark circles.

Mesotherapy is a technique by which microscopic amounts of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and minerals are injected into the skin to help rejuvenate and repair it.

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In this procedure, a very small needle is used that hardly causes discomfort.

Mesotherapy is a process that is quite successful in reducing dark circles, especially when they are accompanied by swelling and sagging skin.
The result is that your eyes will look brighter and you will look younger.


If the skin under the eyes is swollen all the time no matter what you do to reduce it, it will probably be fat pockets, which usually appear with age.

Unfortunately, they can only be removed by a plastic surgeon through a procedure called blepharoplasty.
This procedure can take between one and three hours and it can take several weeks for a person to recover.

Filling with micro-needles (derma roller)
A micro-needle filling is a process by which small wounds are created on the skin to help stimulate collagen production and thicken the skin under the eyes, making dark circles less visible.

Most of the comments from people who have undergone this treatment say that deep dark circles and puffiness disappeared and stopped for weeks.

Vitamins K, C, E, A, and B3
There are many vitamins and supplements that help reduce or eliminate dark circles.

One of them is vitamin B3 since its lack can play an important role in the formation of dark circles. In this way, increasing their consumption has a positive effect on them.

Before buying any cream to treat dark circles, you must make sure that it contains active ingredients that can give you optimal results.
These active ingredients should include Vitamin K, which helps reduce the size of dilated blood vessels and is essential for healthy blood circulation and clotting.

For its part, vitamin C has a very important role in keeping your skin healthy and shiny, since it has antioxidant properties, which fight inflammation and increase collagen production.

Lastly, Vitamin E keeps your skin strong, elastic and hydrated.

You can read the full article on the treatment of dark circles and bags with natural vitamins.
Jade Rolling
The one is known as “Jade Rolling” is an ancient Chinese practice.

It is a kind of facial massage that increases blood circulation and helps improve lymphatic drainage, thus working to reduce dark circles and fine lines of the eyes.
Simply roll the jade roller over the skin from bottom to top, from the neck to the forehead, focusing especially on the area under the eyes.

The cold stone instantly awakens the skin and makes it brighter.

Although you can’t get rid of dark circles, it’s a great technique to put into practice every morning to keep your skin in the best possible shape.

If your dark circles get lighter when you put pressure on them, then they are probably caused because you can see blood vessels through your skin.

The thicker your skin is, the less your blood vessels will look. To achieve this, you can apply retinol cream to the skin just below your eyes every night, to help it create collagen and thicken.
Look for a cream that is specially designed for the eye area and specializes in making the skin less transparent, so that dark circles are less visible.

But be a careful, too frequent application of this treatment can cause red and scaly circles to appear around the eyes, which will acquire a brown or gray color while healing, especially if you have a brown or dark skin tone.
Compensate for retinol with a nourishing specialized eye cream that reduces the chance of irritation and strengthens the skin.

Home remedies to eliminate dark circles
There are many techniques, remedies or home methods that we can put into practice to minimize, reduce, prevent or even avoid dark circles.

If you already have this problem, there are many products that you can try, such as:

Apply cucumber,
mint leaves,
almond milk,
aloe vera gel,
Argan oil,
Apple vinegar,
coconut milk,
Beaver oil,
Grapeseed oil,
the water of roses,
baking soda,
jojoba oil,
kalonji oil,
lemon juice or petroleum jelly.
Among many other products, on the skin under the eyes.

Below we are going to show you some of the best ways these remedies can be mixed and used.

Contain vitamins

how to eliminate the dark circles under the eyes

Treatment to combat stains and melasma

Making the toughest spots on the face disappear and even erasing melasma can be a complicated task. However, a revolutionary new treatment based on mesotherapy can do it.

This is Rose Glow Mesoheal, which works  with the technique of conventional mesotherapy, formulated with oligopeptides. These peptides have a double action: on the one hand, they are able to clear spots and, on the other, inhibit the enzymes responsible for the production of melanin.

It is a whitening  treatment that is usually applied to areas of the face most exposed to the sun, such as the forehead, cheekbones, cheeks, perilabial and perimentonian region.

On the other hand this whitening treatment, when it comes to the number of sessions, two are required to clear the spot clearly and, sometimes, until it disappears completely. The space between sessions as in all peptides is 15 days. Regarding the maintenance of the results, it is about preventing new melanin from being produced and, for this, we must protect ourselves from the sun.

Likewise, it is important to highlight that it does not need any complementary treatment since the peptides are exerting their action progressively and in 2 weeks the results are objectified. This treatment can be used in combination with Dermapen.