goodbye to sweat with Botulinum toxin

Undoubtedly, social conventions and esteem for the image has led us to notice some “uncomfortable evils” such as excessive sweating. This discomfort, which affects 3% of the population, leads to insecurity, lack of confidence, states of anxiety and stress. Although the problem is by far known, the solution is not, and it is as simple as applying Botulinum Toxin to the affected area. There are men who cannot take off their jacket even in the hottest of summers and women who find it impossible to choose certain colors or fabrics in their dresses. His problem is the excess of sweat that becomes visible and that creates a social rejection. In most cases, it develops in childhood or adolescence, so the social relationships so frequent at this stage of our life can be affected and can even be shunned. Those affected by hyperhidrosis tend to have social relationship problems and although there are degrees and causes of excessive sweating, trying to normalize it is a maxim that is pursued with an increasingly frequent interest.

What is hyperhidrosis?
As the name suggests, it is simply an excess of sweating that occurs mainly in the armpits, hands, forehead and soles of the feet. But why do we sweat? Sweating is necessary to regulate body temperature. The sweat glands produce sweating and respond mainly to changes in ambient or body temperature, the basic stimuli for sweating. When there is a disorder, sweating does not respond to these stimuli and cannot be controlled. The failure of the sympathetic nervous system (located in the thoracic area) is the basic cause of this disease that affects 3 out of every 100 people. In addition, 56% of Spaniards consider that it can harm them at work, according to a study published by the Faculty of Sports Sciences and Salvat Laboratories, in which it is also added that it usually begins in childhood or puberty and of not putting remedy, lasts a lifetime.


Classifying hyperhidrosis
Hyperhidrosis is classified into 3 large groups according to the causes that trigger it: –The first group is made up of essential or idiopathic hyperhidrosis (of unknown origin), also known as tension. In these cases, the people who suffer from it, generally young, present a significant increase in sweating caused by a stressful, significant emotional situation or in moments of great anguish. This type of hyper sweating is usually located in the hands, feet or armpits and is suffered regardless of the ambient temperature. The condition can affect the patient’s life so much that it triggers a social phobia or fear of meeting other people. This phenomenon is also known as “cold sweat.” The tension situation suffered by the person with this type of hyperhidrosis can reach such an intense level that the patient requires antidepressant or anxiolytic treatment for a time. Although, it depends on each case. –The second type of hyperhidrosis The second form of hyperhidrosis does not appear associated with any emotional component or is located in certain areas of the body as it happened in the first group. Specifically, it is characterized by an exaggerated increase in sweat production in the face of normal stimuli such as an increase in environmental temperature. However, sweating is higher than that which would occur in a person without hyperhidrosis when faced with similar stimuli, it is not associated with any emotional component and it is not located in the common areas of those who suffer from hyperhidrosis. It is characterized by an exaggerated increase in sweat production in the face of normal stimuli such as an increase in environmental temperature. -There is a third type of excessive sweating, which is associated with different neurological or metabolic diseases.

Coping with sweating
To combat hyperhidrosis, until now, it could only be done through a surgical intervention: sympathectomy, which consists of the selective destruction of nerve ganglia that are overstimulated and that, ultimately, are the cause of excess sweating in the different anatomical locations, selective destruction of the nervous ganglia that have been hyperstimulated and that are the cause of excess sweating in the different anatomical locations. This intervention is definitive, but its main defect is the residual scars and that in the majority of In these cases, a compensatory hyperhidrosis occurs that consists of excess sweating in the back, chest and feet, unwanted side effects that do not occur through the application of Botulinum Toxin.

Botulinum Toxin, a painless and effective treatment
Solution to excessive sweating Popularly known for its effectiveness in concealing wrinkles and expression lines, Botulinum Toxin, for more than 10 years, has also been used to combat excess sweating problems, with very effective results. This treatment consists of the infiltration of purified natural proteins in the specific area, blocking the sympathetic nerve endings, responsible for stimulating the sweat glands. This fast and effective technique is painless and can be performed in the office on an outpatient basis. Treatment in the armpit area does not require anesthesia and few infiltrations are sufficient to reduce sweating in this area, however, local anesthesia is required on the palms of the hands to reduce any discomfort that infiltration may cause. of the product. Carrying out the treatment does not require sick leave and, once it is finished, the patient can return to his daily life with total normality. In the case of infiltration of Botulinum Toxin in the palms of the hands, it is recommended not to drive for a few days and to take special precaution when using instruments that compromise the strength of the hands, since the ability to squeeze decreases slightly. for a few days.


Satisfactory results
The result is observed progressively a few days after its application and its permanence varies between a few months and three years. Annual maintenance is recommended, although there is the possibility that in some patients, with few sessions, the elimination of excess sweating is definitive. For all these reasons, Botulinum Toxin is a revolutionary, simple and fast treatment that will benefit many of the patients suffering from hyperhidrosis.