What is MESOTHERAPY and its benefits?

all about mesotherapy

What is mesotherapy and its benefits?

When one considers making a weight loss plan where diet and sports are fundamental pieces to achieve the desired effects, it is good to add some complement to make the objective be fulfilled as quickly as possible. So speaking of supplements or small aids to optimize the effort, today we will focus on explaining what mesotherapy consists of and its benefits.

What is mesotherapy?

First say that mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment. A non-invasive and painless technique that carries almost no side effects. It is a great option if you do not want to undergo surgery and then maintain a long and heavy postoperative period.

Mesotherapy is indicated for those people who are dieting and exercising but who want to see faster results. Because sometimes doing a weight loss plan and doing sports is not a sign of losing fat in certain areas of the body.

But do not be fooled, mesotherapy is not a slimming method as such, it is a great help to achieve a slightly slimmer body but you must not lower your guard and continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet.



Why resort to a mesotherapy treatment?

One of the great points in favor of opting for a mesotherapy treatment is because it is the great enemy of cellulite. Next we are going to go through a series of advantages to start a mesotherapy.

1. You can notice a considerable improvement in the touch of the skin, it becomes smoother and firmer, making it a most pleasant sensation.

2. If you recently had a liposuction and you see that some fat nuclei have moved to other areas, in mesotherapy that does not happen, they disappear and that’s it.

3. It is a fast technique that does not require anesthesia or external medications. It does not cause pain when doing so and, therefore, you can return to normal life without any harm.

4. Regarding the results, it can be affirmed that they are visible in most of the times, from the first performance. The number of sessions will depend on the needs of each patient.

5. In addition to fighting cellulite, mesotherapy is helpful in mitigating hair loss, fighting sagging skin, reducing stretch marks, and even treating acne.


How is a mesotherapy treatment done?

You may have ever seen it on TV or in a magazine, but don’t worry because we are going to explain it to you in a simple way to understand it without problem. It is a medical procedure by which small injections with specific medications are used to treat the problem area indicated by the patient.

Mesotherapy does not hurt, this must be made clear from the beginning. The injections have a very fine needle that together with a mild anesthetic help to achieve the desired results. If we wanted to define mesotherapy, we could do it as the infiltration of a drug into the middle layer of the skin, which is injected with reduced doses of medication to treat the affected areas. Making this technique very safe and recommended. After injecting this substance into the skin, our own body absorbs it and treats itself.

Side effects of mesotherapy

There is no reason to consider having a mesotherapy as something aggressive because it is just the opposite. Patients who decide to have one suffer from virtually no side effects.

Some may feel a very mild burning sensation after injection, but this is only momentary when the substance begins to work on body fat.

The most common side effects of a mesotherapy treatment are the appearance of some bruising or a small swelling in the treated area. But there is nothing to be alarmed about because it is something completely natural and momentary. If it happens, topical creams can be used to combat these bruises or skin blemishes.