The solution to achieve a rejuvenated face without needles

dermal fillers needle free

Usually when we hear the word “wrinkles”, we immediately associate it with needles, botox, surgeries, invasive treatments, among other things. Fortunately, technological advances in the field of aesthetics have allowed us to mentally discard these associations.

A wrinkle is a line, a fold, that appears on the skin from a certain age. It marks the passage of time and can be superficial or deep. The causes of its appearance can be internal (genetic, hormonal factors, stress) and external (sun, alcohol or tobacco consumption, unbalanced diet, and sedentary life).

Today, among the alternatives to combat these dreaded brands, the most innovative and versatile is the Hyaluron Pen, a system capable of introducing hyaluronic acid or vitamins into the skin to fill in wrinkles and obtain a more rejuvenated and hydrated appearance. the skin.

As a non-invasive method, it does not require the use of a needle, making it one of the most efficient and least bothersome options to visibly improve the appearance of the skin.


“The pressure system exerted by the Hyaluron Pen causes the active substance to be introduced into the skin very quickly, in just 1/3 of a second. “This principle is applied uniformly and homogeneously in tissue, unlike the needle that, invasively, creates a kind of bag inside the tissue and does not diffuse to homogenize naturally.”


hyaluron pen needle free

fillers without inyections

It is a painless and safe treatment. Swelling is minimal and there are no contractures, no blood, or vascular thrombosis.

Additionally, the “Hyaluron Pen” can be used to add volume to the lips. For this, the compounds that will be introduced into the skin are changed.

The “Hyaluron Pen” has no contraindications with some exceptions: people with scarring problems such as uncontrolled diabetics are not recommended to undergo this treatment.

It is important to note that any aesthetic procedure must be performed by experienced professionals who use quality materials. It is recommended that the first few days after the treatment has been carried out, avoid prolonged sun exposure.