All about Lifting threads

lifting threads do it hurt?

What are Lifting threads?

Lifting threads are fine threads used in cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate the face. They can be applied both to eliminate wrinkles and facial flaccidity, to lift the eyebrows, or even to redefine the oval of the face and the contour of the jaw. There are two types of tensioning threads: permanent, which are made of propylene temporary, made with dioxanone, a material that after about two years is reabsorbed by the body without the need for any operation.

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Why are they done?

Treatment with tensioning threads is carried out to hide wrinkles around the eyes lift cheeks firming the neck raise eyebrows give symmetry to the face firming the facial contour blur forehead wrinkles.

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What does it consist of?

It is a skin tightening treatment that is based on the implantation of several micro threads in the form of a network. This network acts as a support for the tissues, causing the instant firming effect and promoting the natural production of collagen. Surgical interventions with tension threads require the realization of small incisions through which the threads are grafted to move them and place them in the tissue of the desired area until they are fixed in the position marked by the surgeon.

Post-intervention care

Post-treatment can be somewhat annoying. The patient may have swelling for a few days, as well as heat in the area or even a small bruise. However, it is normal that there is no discomfort.



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