Benefits of Hyaluron Pen SBC

Hyaluron Pen EUROPE

If your face is starting to show the signs of aging, but you don’t want a single puncture, go for Hyaluron Pen SBC. A new PEN has hit the market, this time it is called the Hyaluron Pen SBC. Get a new, beautiful, and wrinkle-free face. Fill your lips and deep wrinkles without injections. The perfect solution for people with a phobia of needles and operating rooms.

Hyaluron Air Pen, filling without injections.

Can you imagine a renewed, beautiful, and young skin without having to undergo surgery? Would you like to end crow’s feet and fine lines without needles? Do you want a new face, but fear the punctures? Are our face creams and other home care no longer working for you? If you identify with some of the answers to these questions, now you can have a new face with an innovative filler system without injections.

Hyaluron SBC Pen consists of a microinjection pen, a kind of pencil, that does not have a needle and that works with a pressure technology being able to introduce products such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and fillers into the skin. By not causing any peripheral nerve damage, it achieves a totally painless effect.

The result: instantly more beautiful, rejuvenated skin without feeling a single needle.

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What advantages does it have?

It is painless, safe, the swelling and rehabilitation period is minimal, there is no risk of needlestick injuries and you will not see any trace of blood or any contracture. In turn, there is no possibility of cross-contamination, as the mouthpiece and adapter are sterilized by gamma irradiation and are disposable. Likewise, it has a long life as it can be used in more than 10,000 injections.

What effects does it have on the skin?
Rejuvenated skin, eliminates wrinkles and pigments, tightens the skin, activates collagen cells, improves the shine and elasticity of the skin, and removes crow’s feet and facial lines