Buttock augmentation with fillers Information

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Many people, both men, and women are not satisfied with the shape of their buttocks. Buttock augmentation can help reshape the buttocks, making them more desirable and fuller. Having a well-shaped buttock silhouette can make a big difference to the overall silhouette of your body. Rounding out the buttocks can make the waist and thighs look smaller, making the rest of the torso look more proportionate. As we age and our skin begins to sag, so do our glutes. Dieting and going to the gym is always good for the health of the body in general, but when this is not enough and the buttocks look saggy, we need to find another solution to combat this dreaded sign of aging. Buttock implants can be expensive, impractical, and can require significant downtime. There is a better option that is instant and does not require a significant amount of downtime known as injectable hyaluronic fillers. The padding is injected into the upper and lower sides of the glute giving the instant “lift” you are looking for. To maintain the results, they will recommend a maintenance program to keep your buttocks firm and rounded.


Who are good candidates for this procedure?

This type of procedure is very suitable for those who seek to change the shape of their buttocks towards more rounded and desirable curves, with more firmness, but cannot overcome the fear of surgery. Hyaluronic filler injections in the buttocks offer good results and is not an invasive treatment. Buttock fillers are especially attractive to men and women who have a very busy lifestyle, a busy type of work, and cannot take much time off to have surgery. With this procedure, most patients can easily return to normal daily life on the same day or the next day.

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How long do results last?

The advantage of using hyaluronic fillers is that it is a natural substance that will eventually be absorbed by the body. Depending on the patient, individual treatment programs can be designed that include necessary supplements to maintain optimal results during treatment. Refills may be necessary after 1 year, although the exact time varies according to individual metabolism.

What are the side effects of this procedure?

There is no scar on the skin, local anesthesia is safe and side effects are minimal.