Dark circles, fruit only of a bad night?

The skin under the eyes is five times thinner than the face, which makes it more prone to the appearance of dark circles and bags.

Sometimes, when we get up and look in the mirror we see that the skin under our eyes is swollen or has a darkened color. They are the unsightly bags – inflammation – or dark circles – darkening of the skin – that give the appearance of tiredness or even illness. But not always or not only happens in those moments. These alterations may appear for different reasons, but they should not lead to excessive concern since they are generally remedied and are not serious.

Aesthetic medicine

They are a fairly common problem because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive and thin, just 0.5 millimeters thick, that is, five times thinner than the rest of the face, which is also five times thinner than the body. In addition, it is an area where collagen levels are lower and easily distinguished by the continuous flickering movement.

What are bags and dark circles?

They are disorders that occur in the same area, the lower eye contour, but that are different problems. According to the AEDV, different factors influence the formation of these disorders under the eyes:

Renal disease.
Hypothyroidism: The slow thyroid can cause eye bags and affects 2 percent of the population.
Inadequate diet: excess salt, processed food, and insufficient water intake.Toxins
Eye bags
They mainly arise from lack of sleep – which causes blood vessels to dilate – and over the years – aging causes the skin to become thinner – but they can also be an inherited disorder due to the special morphological disposition of the vascularization just below that is glimpsed through the thin skin of that area. It is possible that they also arise due to lack of iron, which leads to poor oxygenation of the tissues and, consequently, the creation of blood clots in that area, in addition to the loss of fat around the eyes.

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You can talk about dark circles:

Pigmented: increased melanin of the skin of the eyelids due to genetic inheritance, atopic dermatitis or eczema in the area.
Vascular: violet color for having very thin skin in that area that allows you to glimpse the blood vessels underneath.
Valley of tears: very marked groove that goes from the inner edge of the eye to the cheek due to aging or decreased fat.
Generally also for genetic reasons, this swelling or profusion under the eyes appear due to loss of muscle tone and the epidermis, with the subsequent sagging of that area, or by herniation of the orbital fat of the eye that pushes the skin forward. When it appears when we get up, it is fluid retention, sometimes generated by excessive salt intake.

These mild disorders can also occur in children, with dark circles peeking at younger ages, mainly due to genetic predisposition; and the bags without arising until adolescence, normally.

Swelling under the eyes

How to fight them from home?

As a first option before undergoing medical treatment, you can try simple guidelines that can be done from home. To reaffirm the skin under the eyes, it is good to support the fingers on the temples, close the eyelid tightly for ten seconds, repeating it ten times with each eye, to finally close both and relax the features for a minute.

At bedtime, it is advisable to put the head higher than the feet, with a thick pillow, to achieve less swelling of the eyelids. Applying cold on the eyes is also useful to reduce congestion of the eyes, dark circles, and bags. In addition, if dark circles occur due to lack of iron, it is advisable to eat red meat, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and egg yolks to return to the recommended iron levels, or reduce salt intake when the eyes swell from this cause.

Medical treatments

Each case must be analyzed by a specialist, especially when there have never been dark circles or bags and appear suddenly, since they may be due to kidney or other problems that have to be assessed.

In general, there are different treatments for each specific problem:

Special depigmenting creams for delicate eyelid skin in the case of dark circles.
Vitamin K rich contours for violet or vascular dark circles.

✅ Mesotherapy cocktail with Peptides and a blend of numerous vitamins, to depigment dark circles.

Oxygenation treatments for purplish dark circles, such as carboxytherapy (subcutaneous injections of carbon dioxide) to improve capillary blood flow.
Hyaluronic acid