Discover how lifting threads improve your double chin

The technique of lifting threads for the double chin is a complete success for most patients who seek a non-invasive intervention that offers gratifying results.

Applying this method in the neck area guarantees the reduction of flaccidity, thanks to the fact that it cooperates with the body in the production of collagen. It is a treatment that both women and men request, in order to feel more attractive and better with themselves.

Thread lifts for the jowls and neck, the best non-invasive technique
When comparing this method with others, the results they produce on the skin should be observed. You also have to take into account the possible side effects. These are much less than if the patient underwent surgery.

First of all, know that the duration of the procedure, which usually does not exceed half an hour. After it, the user can go home and continue with his normal life, knowing that the results will not take long to appear.

This simple method, which is one hundred percent compatible with the body, is applied to the dermis using small needles but without suture. The body slowly reabsorbs the threads producing a lifting effect. As an added effect, this procedure facilitates the elimination of fat from the neck, achieving indisputable results on the double chin that the patient wishes to eliminate.

It also promotes the production of collagen, allowing elasticity in this area of ​​the body, while increasing the softness and flexibility of the epidermis.

lifting threads for neck

lifting threads for neck



Why is it different from other techniques?

Above all, for its natural results. The user will be able to appreciate how this procedure does not affect their aesthetics, since it does not leave marks and allows them to show a spontaneous and natural appearance.

Being simple to apply, it is feasible to return to the daily routine after the intervention. Only the advice of the specialist should be followed, so that once the treatment has been received, the results can begin to be seen quickly.

Although it can be carried out after using techniques that facilitate a rapid creation of collagen, it is the most indicated compared to other methods that, despite being also effective, do not show such prompt satisfaction.

Other techniques to prevent sagging neck and jowls
The flaccidity of the jowls does not have a particular origin. Many people with a slim build have this problem, sometimes due to a genetic factor. But there is not always reason to settle for what genes offer, especially with the best recommendations.

In case of having accumulated fat in that area of ​​the body, facial gymnastics can serve to reduce the effect of the double chin. Similarly, there are creams made with collagen that also allow a positive result.

In addition to carrying out a diet proposed by a nutritionist, together with the corresponding sports activity, the application of radiofrequency are good alternatives to surgical intervention, which involves a risk due to entering the operating room.

In the same way, mesotherapy is used to reduce that excess fat from any area of ​​the body that you want to eliminate, and can serve as a treatment along with other methods of reducing double chin.

Undoubtedly, lifting threads offer results that surpass other procedures for reducing flaccidity and eliminating double chin, which makes many people feel uncomfortable. Whether caused by fat gain or genetic factors, getting rid of double chin and reducing sagging neck is not a problem.