Facial Mesotherapy For Double Chin Reduction

Mesotherapy For Double Chin Reduction

How is the double chin  Mesotherapy Procedure?

People who use this medical alternative start with the disinfection of the skin under the chin with alcohol in order to avoid infections and demarcation by sections, the duration of the technique is only 15 to 30 minutes and does not require recovery time.

The doctor can use assisted injection devices or manually, which hardly cause discomfort to the patient. It introduces vitamins, collagen microfilaments, amino acids, minerals and other components that help cell metabolism.

Once these substances are applied, the doctor makes a series of gentle massages to make sure that it has infiltrated correctly under the skin. During the treatment, the fat solutions are secreted from the epidermis and the body itself eliminates it in the urine.

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Important tips before starting:

Some of the general suggestions to take into account when performing the double chin mesotherapy are:

It must be executed by professionals specifically qualified and trained for it, who observe the rules of hygiene, asepsis and medical precautions.
It is suggested that before the Mesotherapy session if you are a man, avoid waxing, as it can cause skin irritation with a propensity to pain.
Before each session avoid using creams in the place to be treated, as the needle slips and when entering the skin can cause small cuts.
You should not expose yourself directly to the sun and avoid high temperatures such as saunas, gyms, beaches and swimming pools.
The process of diminishing the double chin may take several months, so at the time of starting the treatment, the doctor will indicate how many times he will practice, depending on the amount of fat and the result of the injections.
Try to sleep in a good position to keep the neck area stretched, so you can reduce the risk of losing the procedure.
Use thin or tubular pillows under the neck that will allow you a comfortable position when sleeping or resting.
Do not worry if bruises appear, small dots or petechiae is something temporary disappear in a few days.

Once the procedure is applied approximately between 10 and 15 days, it is when the first results can be observed. However, to be able to completely eliminate the adipose tissue and therefore the definitive reduction of the chin requires more time.

Once the mesotherapy is finished there will be facial rejuvenation, small wrinkles will be removed from the face, the face will look better. It will be revitalized, it will have more smoothness, less sagging and the neck will be more hydrated.

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Mesotherapy is one of the alternative techniques to combat facial problems. It originated in 1952, with the procedures of French physician Michel Pistor, who applied small doses of substances that emulsify and come from conventional (allopathic) and homeopathic medicine.
With this, a successive reduction is achieved, because it acts on the adipose tissue releasing toxins and fat. It has a tensor, firming effect and activates cell regeneration. Generally, eight sessions are required, but that depends on each case.

Mesotherapy is an aesthetic treatment that is also aimed at treating skin conditions of the whole body such as scars, stretch marks, vitiligo, capillary, acne, sagging and more, it helps fight the traces of age as it focuses on health and excess weight.

In addition, it allows us to eliminate the problem of fat accumulation in the chin without any inconveniences or traumas since it only leaves a few small bruises in the places where the hypodermic ones are applied, and they are eliminated with the passing of the days.