Hyaluronic acid is present in the human body and this makes it the safest filler in the market and it could be confirmed that it is practically free of complications. Even so, in rare situations, exceptions can occur since the number of treatments performed is so high, and its use is so widespread, that it is inevitable to find a case in which a problem has occurred, which we can solve with hyaluronidase in most cases.

The rejection of hyaluronic acid by the patient is usually caused by the poor indication of the type of substance to be used and/or by the use of a low-quality brand. There are areas where the injection of this filler is more complicated, as is the case of the cheekbones and lips, and especially the dark circles that must be treated by a plastic surgeon or cosmetic doctor with experience in this type of process. It also complicates its correct use of the decision of what type of conjugation and what brand of hyaluronic acid to use for each purpose.

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From our point of view, there are only three brands that give us maximum security, which are Restylane (Galderma), Juvederm (Allergan) and Teosyal (Teoxane), but the engineering used to conjugate the different types of hyaluronic acids and brands it’s very different. It follows that they have more or less water collection, greater or lesser hardness, etc., factors to be considered essential to avoid bad results or even complications.

The complications are fundamental:

»Persistent post-treatment inflammation (edema),
»Irregularities and/or asymmetries,
»The Tyndall effect (violet coloration due to very superficial infiltrations)
»Artificial results generally due to hypercorrection.

For any of the above, it is often best to start from scratch by reabsorbing all the injected product through the interaction of HYALURONIDASE.


Hyaluronidase is an enzyme, a catalyst, which breaks down the hyaluronic acid molecule, degrades it, leading to its reabsorption and disappearance. This rupture may be more or less resistant depending on the injected hyaluronic acid and, therefore, if it is a high conjugation, more than one injection is usually required, especially with Juvederm.


A frequent question is how long the product will be reabsorbed. As long as a second session is not required, the product will disappear in less than 24 hours.

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