Facial hydration for perfect skin

hyaluronic acid for dermapen


For facial skin to appear radiant and beautiful, it is essential to deeply hydrate it.

Creams with high moisturizing power should be applied: hydration has to limit the spontaneous evaporation capacity of the skin, that is, limiting its drying.

In no case are edema or water retention caused by applying moisturiser. The moisturising factors in the creams produce a seal on the skin’s surface that makes the water in the tissues remain “retained” within the skin.

The sun, salt and chlorine are highly desiccant for the skin, do not forget to apply topical hydration every time your skin is exposed to any of them. Hydration also contributes to a homogeneous skin surface and contributes to its beauty and luminosity. The smoothness of the skin is very important for its luminosity, and is achieved by highly hydrating the skin.

Hydration of the skin

During the summer, it is very important to continue with the previous hydration ritual, but it is necessary to double the hydration session. It is advisable to apply moisturizer twice a day.

Hydration of the face is very important. There are facial areas that are especially sensitive to the aggressive agents of summer, such is the case of the crow’s feet area, the neck and the cleavage, which are characterized by having a very thin dermis.

Therefore, they are areas that are more punished by the sun. At the facial level there are powerful moisturisers rich in glycerin, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 that are highly recommended.

For more mature skin, intensive hydration is essential. We recommend a mesotherapy session with non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid in the face, neck and décolleté area.

The low cross-linking of hyaluronic acid, allows to maintain a dense aqueous weave at the dermal level thanks to the fact that hyaluronic acid is a powerful water retainer in the tissues.

It is not a filler, the low cross-linking hyaluronic acid does not fill, it is evenly distributed in micro-punctures throughout the skin to give it turgor and hydration. The skin will better defend itself against external aggressions.

The hyaluronic acid mesotherapy session can be complemented with a mesotherapy with antioxidant active ingredients and organic silicon. If we combine the sessions with chemical peels the result will be a skin with much less imperfections.