Foods that benefit the skin

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If you want to have young and healthy skin, we advise you to include in your daily diet a series of foods that contain essential nutrients that benefit and protect the skin from the inside. Take note.

Foods that benefit the appearance of the skin

The secret to having radiant and healthy skin, and delaying the signs of aging to the maximum, is not only in the genetics and use of cosmetic creams; Caring for the skin from within, including in the daily diet a series of foods that contain essential nutrients that benefit the skin and protect it from external aggressions, such as cold or exposure to sunlight, is essential.
Therefore, we advise you to always stay hydrated, drinking enough water so that the body is hydrated and can easily eliminate toxins, sleep the number of hours recommended by experts, perform moderate physical activity on a regular basis and, in addition, continue a balanced diet that can not miss the foods that we propose below since they are full of substances and vitamins that nourish and care for the skin from the inside.


Mesotherapy (extract of different  vitamins and amino acids)

The best foods to take care of your skin


Grapefruit, lemon, orange, tangerine, lime … very rich in vitamin C, considered a powerful antioxidant that is involved in the formation of collagen, a protein necessary for the skin to retain its firmness and elasticity. You will also get a good supply of vitamin C by eating vegetables such as peppers or cabbage, and fruits such as kiwis.
Tip: so that they do not lose the vitamin, it is necessary to keep citrus fruits in a cool place and not peel them until they are consumed. If they are taken as a juice, it should be prepared when it is to be taken. Vegetables, better eat them raw or steamed.


They are a source of beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A that helps reduce sagging and wrinkles. Its consumption is recommended before sun exposure to achieve a more uniform and lasting tan, and because they have photoprotective properties, which does not mean that eating many carrots can substitute in any case the use of sunscreen creams.
Tip: other fruits and vegetables with an intense yellow and orange color – pumpkin, mango, sweet potato, peach – are also rich in carotenoids. As in the previous case, they must be kept fresh, and not peeled until they are taken.


It is the food with a higher concentration of lycopene, especially in the case of ripe tomatoes. Lycopene protects cells against damage caused by the action of free radicals, and it is considered that it also exerts a preventive action against the development of certain pathologies, such as prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Tip: these advantages are achieved especially if the tomato is consumed cooked because in this way lycopene is better assimilated.


Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries … Red fruits contain vitamin C and flavonoids, which give them antioxidant properties, which prevent cell destruction and premature aging.
Tip: to avoid spoiling and losing nutrients, you must protect them from sources of light and heat, wash them whole, in cold water, and chop them just before consumption.
Olive oil and green leafy vegetables
Olive oil and green leafy vegetables

Both olive oil and chard, spinach, escarole …, thanks to its vitamin E content, protect cells from oxidative stress.
Tip: to maximize the properties of vegetables, the idea is to cook them with little water and for the shortest possible time.


Nuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts … They also contain vitamin E and reduce cellular oxidation. Nuts, in addition, are rich in copper, which acts as an anti-inflammatory.
Tip: they are an excellent snack to regain strength, and you can also include them in your stews or add to your salads.

Meat and eggs

They will provide you with proteins – which stop the loss of muscle tone and the sagging of the facial skin -, vitamin B6, and selenium, which prevents the skin from aging prematurely and prevents some of the most common alterations, such as spots or lack of elasticity.
Tip: the ideal is to eat roasted or grilled meats so that they retain all the nutrients and better appreciate their flavor.