Homemade Peelings

Homemade Peelings

Peeling is a treatment that consists of exfoliating the skin in different depths, sweeping away impurities and dead cells that give it opacity and reducing those spots, scars or flakes that bother aesthetically. Its cost in dermatological centers is usually high, since it allows to effectively delay the appearance of wrinkles and acne, brightens and leaves the skin smooth, while it helps to recover the collagen and oxygen that characterizes younger skin.

There are as many peeling techniques as there are colors and skin types, so today we are going to tell you some accessible alternatives to renew your complexion naturally and with elements that you can normally find at home. Pay attention to the ingredients to avoid possible allergic reactions and undertake any treatment knowing that the results are progressive and work best as a complement to a healthy and balanced diet.

Don’t get impatient! Homemade recipe As always, the first thing you should do is wash your face with warm water or steam to open the pores and help clean your skin. From the pear to the forehead, with circular movements, you can apply these simple homemade mixtures that will wash away impurities and give light to your skin.




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With lemon juice, sugar and a few drops of oil you will be able to polish, illuminate and soften your skin.

With bicarbonate and water you can eliminate black spots on the face.

With sugary honey you can exfoliate, remove bacteria and balance hydration.

With unflavored yogurt and sugar you can exfoliate and moisturize your face.

With oil and raw polenta you can shed old cells in more resistant skins.

With oatmeal water you can reduce inflammation of the skin and stimulate collagen.

The data Vary the size of the exfoliating grain to deepen the peel. For example: Bicarbonate: ideal for dry skin or acne. Sugar: for healthy and combination skin. Polenta: for oily or combination skin or for the arm area. Coarse salt: to exfoliate the body, back and thighs. Remember that to preserve the balance of the skin it is advisable to resort to peeling only once or twice a week.