The application itself is produced through the adaptation of a transparent syringe in which the determined amount of solution is previously inserted, to the hyaluronic pen device. Then, said syringe is loaded with the active principle to be introduced and the area where the injections are to be made without a needle is simply and safely fixed. To finish pressing the button that will push the piston, which in turn will create a small thread of the solution, which will cross the skin reaching the subcutaneous tissue on which the patient wants to improve their appearance.


The hyaluron pen application system helps to control in a very specific way the amount of the active ingredient to be injected, to avoid complications. In addition, by not using the hyaluronic pen a needle that has a greater risk of infection due to incorrect sterilization, the risk of penetrating the muscle is also eliminated and thus being able to remain only in the layers of the skin, avoiding unnecessary damage.

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