Benefits of the placenta extract

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The main reason for consuming the placenta after childbirth is to reincorporate to the mother what the placenta “took” from her during pregnancy. What the placenta “takes” is of such magnitude, which is precisely the reason why women take vitamin and mineral supplements during pregnancy. The benefits of the placenta are very varied since it means an important contribution both in physical aspects as emotional.

A very necessary element after delivery and highly present in the placenta is Iron, this mineral prevents post-partum anemia, helps to recover nutrients and energy after blood loss.
One of the hormones present in the placenta is Oxytocin, known as “the love hormone”, which helps the uterus to shrink, which results in less postpartum blood loss. It also stimulates the ejection of milk, produces a feeling of well-being for the mother, and produces the effect of falling in love between the mother and her child, greatly benefiting attachment and considerably reducing postpartum depressions.

In addition to this, it is essential to note that more than half of the composition of the placenta is vitamin K, considered a potent anti-hemorrhagic drug, which makes it very useful since one of the main factors of care after delivery is precisely hemorrhaging.

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All mammals, with the exception of the camel, regardless of whether they are carnivores or herbivores, eat their placenta after giving birth. And as they say, nature is wise, and more and more women pay attention to it because the placenta gives them energy, better spirits, favors breastfeeding, attachment, prevents postpartum depression, among other benefits.

Modes of use

The consumption of the placenta, in any of its forms, is recommended for every mother who wants to do it and feels that this system makes sense. It is not necessary to have a crisis to resort to this therapy since every mother after childbirth requires an injection of energy and nutrients that facilitate her recovery.

One way to consume the placenta is immediately after delivery, in which it takes 1 injection of placenta extract 1 time a week. As some moms say, the benefits are obvious, especially in terms of energy injection.

The benefits are many, and so far there are no contraindications. Although it is a personal issue, more and more people are turning to this therapy.

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