Lipo Lax Review | Are Lipolax injections worth it?


Lipo Lax is a new product against localized fat. Lipo Lax is an injectable product, indicated in principle for below the chin (the so-called “double chin”). At the same time, it retracts and redefines the mandibular line and helps to dissolve deposits of body-focused fat, and most surprisingly, without surgery.

Deoxycholate knew as “fat burner” is the technique used by Lipolax to act. Deoxycholate is an acid, which occurs naturally in our body, but in this case, it is a preparation in a synthetic way of non-animal origin. When injected in a specific area generates the destruction of the fat cell membrane occurs and is subsequently removed from our body.

Who is the best candidate for this product?

The person, who has already tried to reduce localized fat by other methods, either by exercise, by diet, and has not been able to eliminate that fat. Sometimes the double chin has nothing to do with our diet or sports habits and is probably a genetic factor. This is the case to use Lipo Lax.

The best candidates for Lipo Lax are women and men over 18 who are in good health and have realistic expectations about what Lipo Lax treatments can do for you.

Depending on each person, 3 to 6 sessions may be needed, spacing treatments between 2 and 4 weeks. Each session can last about 20 minutes.

What will happen to me after Lipo Lax injections?

Lipo Lax is a very effective product but it does have side effects. They are studied and the chances of complications are minimal. Note that if you inject it in any area, it may be noticed in the following days.