Lifting Threads Facial Rejuvenation Technique

lifting threads facial rejuvenation

Facial flaccidity is, without a doubt, one of the problems that most worries men and women, who seek to achieve a well-defined face and ‘blur’, as far as possible, the signs of the passage of time. Also in this field, it is still innovating and techniques that aim to combat this problem continue to emerge. Today we are approaching a treatment that aims to improve this problem, the tension threads, also known as ‘magic threads’.

They define it as a revolutionary facial rejuvenation technique that stimulates internal tissues to firm the skin and correct sagging.
korean lifting threads its success is being similar to what botox had at the time, because it achieves an almost immediate facial rejuvenation thanks to a safe, simple, fast procedure, without incisions, without pain and with a biocompatible and resorbable material.

Its origin

The magic threads have their origin in Japan and have been used as a cardiac suture material for a long time, which has been able to contrast their safety and it is proven that they do not produce rejection or allergies as they are antimicrobial and bioabsorbable. The thread material is Polydioxanone and is reabsorbed at 6 months.

The truth is that the use of threads to improve the appearance of the skin is not new, although there have been a number of fundamental adva

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lifting threads

nces. The history of its use as a face aging treatment dates back to 1988 when Dr. Sulamanizde began using gold threads that were linearly introduced under the skin to produce his tension. They were known as Russian threads. The problem? This material caused many cases of rejection and adverse reactions, such as hardening of the treated area, irregularities in the cutaneous relief and even cases of patients who were transparent and made the treatment evident. Research continued and advances in aesthetic medicine have managed to develop new biocompatible and absorbable materials to achieve more natural results and with fewer side effects.


What does it consist of?

“The tensioning threads manage to return firmness to the facial oval and tighten the neck skin with a very simple and safe procedure. It’s about weaving a kind of mesh, a cross-threads weave that holds the facial tissue. They are very fine threads of an absorbable and biocompatible material, polydioxanone, which has been used for years in cardiac surgery.

Depending on the case and the center, the patient can undergo treatment with threads that need anchoring or not. This is noted after determining the facial areas to be treated and in just 30 minutes, the specialist introduces the tensioning threads under the dermis. The technique is completely individualized for each patient depending on age, physiognomy and the degree of sagging but in a standard session between 10 and 20 threads are usually inserted.

These are applied through a very fine needle-cannula that is introduced in a plane through the subcutaneous cellular tissue and when removed, the strand is tensioned without need for anchoring. Each thread causes progressive fibrosis in the subcutaneous cellular tissue, which facilitates its anchorage to the skin.
Of course, as in any aesthetic treatment, it is essential that it be done by a professional trained in the art. We know that it is something of common sense, but it is essential to insist on it.


Rejuvenate from within

The korean lifting threads, need to be able to rejuvenate from the inside out stimulating the skin to form new collagen, in addition to fibroblasts. That is one of the biggest advantages since the threads favor the formation of collagen, the person responsible for the firmness of the skin. The result? A more elastic and brighter skin.

One of the main advantages of this ‘magical’ product is that there are virtually no allergies or rejections. In addition, it is undetectable to palpation and sight and only needs maintenance in the medium term. The results, natural and in harmony with the physiognomy of the patient, are observed from its application.

Why are they magical?

These threads made of polydioxanone material (PDO) are known as magic threads since, as we said, the material they are made of is capable of forming support tissue naturally by producing collagen and fibroblasts around the inserted thread that tighten and identify the skin.

When do we see the results?

The results are natural and progressive, and, in general, the definitive effect can be observed three weeks, improving with the passing of days.

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