Korean masks, why are they so good?

korean masks

Korean masks, why are they so good?

Skin care is a serious thing for Asians, they always prefer to invest in serums, creams, skin treatments and of course Korean or Asian masks, instead of makeup.

It is true that each society has its own conceptions about what they consider beautiful and what is not, however, for Asians, beauty is reflected by the care given to the skin.

Thanks to these treatments and concentrated masks that they use on their faces, the skin of Asians is soft, smooth and always looks very young.

So, if you are thinking of trying these skin masks, we will tell you here everything you need to know about them, and how to get them.

How are Asian masks made?

These masks are made with natural ingredients, because the Asian culture has a deep connection with nature and takes advantage of it to obtain the benefits that plants, roots, fruits, grains, seeds and leaves can provide to the skin.

But to enhance these results, they integrated science and technology, which made it possible to mix other components such as vitamins, collagen and/or hyaluronic acid, to obtain even better results on the skin.

Currently, these masks come in individual envelopes, being part of a package or box:

When the envelope is opened, the mask already comes with the design of a face, leaving the eye and lip area free.

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How good are Korean face masks?

They’re not just good, they’re great! Their success and popularity is due to the fact that they are made with different ingredients and CONCENTRATED components. In addition, there is a very wide variety of them, to use on different skin types.

As if that were not enough, the benefits obtained by the skin of the face are unique, from smoothing it, closing the pores, diminishing the signs of aging, moisturizing and nourishing, improving elasticity, unifying the skin tone, eliminating blemishes and even rosacea.

What are the best Korean face masks?

The list of Korean facial care brands is many, in fact there are boutiques called k-beauty, where all these products are found. There is something for all pockets and tastes.

One of the brands that has begun to like a lot is called Storyderm. This brand is number one in Korea with different benefics:








How long is a mask left on the face?

Almost all masks of this type recommend being used on the face for at least 20 minutes, preferably before going to sleep, after having washed the face.

But, if the mask is still wet, it is better to leave it for a longer time. Ideally, remove it until all the serum in the mask has been absorbed by the skin and the fabric is as dry as possible.

How much do face masks cost?
The price range varies depending on the brand and the ingredients that each mask has, some are sold alone by an envelope, others by a package or box.

If you want to try a brand, to see how it looks on your skin, you can try buying in sachets, but it is a little cheaper when bought in a box or package.

In addition, they can last up to a month because it is not necessary to wear a Korean mask every day.