Microneedling to regenerate skin and hair: does it work or is it the statement false?

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To answer you, we must first explain what the microneedle technique, called microneedling, consists of. It is a procedure that is applied on the epidermis, that is, on the first layer of the skin, in which numerous tiny needles pierce it creating micro-wounds of little more than one or two millimeters.


These little needles can be applied with various devices, either in the form of a roller or a pencil, and there is a domestic version that can be found available in internet stores, known by the brand Dermaroller and the like, and another professional. In the home, the microneedles are barely a millimeter deep and have a less visible effect.

In the professional version, which is the one used by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and aesthetic professionals, the needles can reach 2.5 millimeters, so their effect is more evident but also the risk that they cause greater wounds and skin irritations.

How microneedling works?

These micro-wounds really have a double effect: on the one hand, they cause a reaction of the dermal epithelial cells, which defend themselves from aggression by manufacturing collagen and elastin, two elements responsible for a good part of the turgor of our epidermis and of the dermal tissues immediately below.

As a consequence of this aggressive but relatively minimally invasive stimulation, the increased collagen and elastin dissipate wrinkles and blur scars as well as acne marks. ”On the other hand, the needles temporarily open channels in the epidermis, which is a horny layer of dead cells, through which it is easier to get certain skin treatments to penetrate, thus making them more effective.

Anyway, as always, not all that glitters is gold, at least not completely, because the effectiveness of the treatment will depend a lot on the age of the skin, as it is linked to the ability to produce collagen. In young patients, for example in acne treatment, the response of the cells is much more powerful and the result can be really good.

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It works but it doesn’t work miracles
But as the patient gets older, the dermal response is weaker, and although it can present improvements, it does not work miracles. the treatment takes about four weeks to take effect and requires more than one session at prices that can reach 500 euros per session, so “it is not available to everyone”.

In matters of aesthetics it is necessary to separate the need from the whim; If you have significant acne marks or a scar that makes you ugly and you are young, it is worth trying the technique, but if it is only to remove some age-related wrinkles, maybe you will waste your money and better try other techniques such as injection of hyaluronic acid or botox.

It must be taken into account that not all skin responds well to this treatment and very sensitive skin can present serious irritations, which worsen the condition of the skin and even lead to infectious processes, so the treatment must always be done under control from a professional

Doubts about its capillary efficacy

It can act as a stimulant of the cells of the scalp, so that the irrigation is increased and the living follicles are strengthened; also, surely the open channels with the micro-perforations will allow the treatments to arrive better, but I doubt very much that it will regenerate the fallen hair.