how to avoid acne when you apply a sunscreen?

acne and sunscreen


If you have ever wondered which is the most effective gesture to prevent wrinkles, dermatologists place sunscreen in a position of honor. Although they recommend the use of sunscreens every day of the year, it is logical to redouble efforts in summer, when the intensity of the sun and rising temperatures increase the damage that its rays inflict. That is why the vacation toiletry bag should leave a well-deserved space for the formulas that work as a protective shield and, if we already warned you that the specific photo-protection for the hair is going to help you to arrive in September with a beautiful and hydrated mane, now it is the experts who warn of the importance of applying a sun cream for the face and another for the body. Avoiding the grains of the fattiest textures, enhancing the antiaging effect, or facilitating the application are some of the benefits that you will notice if you follow the advice of the professionals.

Long-term and consistent skin protection inside and outside the home 7 days a week to avoid the consequences of overexposure to UV (ultraviolet) and HEV (high-energy visible light) rays

If before carrying out your protective ritual you wonder if it is really important to invest in different creams for the face and for the body, the experts answer with a resounding yes, because each one of them has been created to respond to the needs of each specific zone. Discover the 3 reasons why you will transform your sunscreen routine starting this summer:


1. You will avoid pimples and dehydration

By choosing a sun cream for the face, we can adapt it to our skin type: oily, combination, normal or dry. In this way we avoid later problems, one of the most common and the type of formula with which to solve it: “Skin with acne, for which choosing a non-comedogenic, oil-free sunscreen with a matte finish is essential”.

sunscreen acne solution

sunscreen acne

2. You will prevent wrinkles

“Aging of the skin is a natural disorder that most people begin to suffer from when they are 25 years old. In many cases, this premature aging is caused by genetic reasons, however, our skin is constantly exposed to little situations. healthy “, reveal the specialists of Master. To combat not only the appearance of wrinkles but also blemishes and other imperfections, Rocío Escalante warns that the answer lies in the type of formulas you choose: “Many sun creams for the face include anti-aging, depigmenting, antioxidant assets … which are not usually be present in the suns for the body “and also recommends a broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent burns.

Another of the doubts that many of them have when choosing the ideal formula is whether moisturizing care that includes sun protection would be enough to go to the beach or the pool … the answer is no: Moisturizing creams with SPF do not usually have filters as high as sunscreens. In addition, when applying them, we are not usually as generous as sunscreen, in summer protection be strengthened even on a day-to-day basis, even if you are not going to sunbathe.

And, the texture of each of the creams that you use during your protective routine is designed for a tailored application: The characteristics of the skin and its needs are not the same. The skin of the face is much more sensitive and is more exposed to the sun, so it is normal to need a higher protection factor. The skin of the body, in general, is drier and more resistant, although it must also be protected from the sun.