Is dermapen treatment really effective?

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If you feel that your skin has lost firmness or you are ashamed of those scars, expression lines or wrinkles, it is not necessary to undergo plastic surgery to improve those imperfections that bother you so much. Today there are more comfortable, fast and safe alternatives such as Dermapen.

The Dermapen is a skin treatment that falls into the category of minimally invasive procedures and with excellent results.

Basically it is a microneedling device, which makes small punctures in the upper layer of the skin, which triggers the repair process that can help produce collagen.

Explained in a much simpler way, Dermapen uses the traditional Chinese technique for acupuncture but with a variant, because instead of reducing pain, relieving some muscle discomfort or treating insomnia, the objective in this case is another: to improve the appearance of the skin.

If you read the word needle and punctures and cowed, you have nothing to worry about, it is not painful and the results are really worth it.

How does the Dermapen work on your skin?
We must remember that from the age of 30, the collagen that we normally produce begins to degrade naturally and it is at that moment, when we begin to notice slight changes and falls in the skin, that Dermapen becomes the best alternative since it stimulates the Collagen production returning to the skin its brightness and elasticity.

The sooner we begin to perform the Dermapen our skin will appreciate it.

Dermapen is especially effective for:
Reduce facial wrinkles
Correct scars
Treat stretch marks and
Remove expression lines
Remove skin blemishes product of age
Remove sun spots
Reduce dilated pores
correct uneven skin tones

The dermapen is able to get the damaged skin is removed and replaced with new skin, with a youthful appearance.

What to expect during the procedure?

For your peace of mind, we are talking about something really simple.

During the procedure, the beautician makes small punctures under the skin – evenly – with the tool, which is very similar to a pen.

But, these punctures are so small that you won’t feel them or notice them later.

Before starting, the specialist will place a topical anesthetic to further reduce the chances of pain.

Once the session is over, a serum or a soothing treatment can be applied if necessary.

And one of the many benefits of this treatment, regardless of the reasons why you decide to do it, is that it offers an associated benefit: exfoliation.

That is, with the removal of the upper surface of the epidermis, you get rid of dead skin cells and, therefore, it will look fresher and softer almost instantly.

Know the benefits of Dermapen
The purpose of the treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue so that it looks and feels much softer, firmer and toned.

But the benefits of Dermapen are many more, including:
It is minimally invasive, so it does not require downtime or rest
It is considered safe for most people who are in good health in general
The total preparation and procedure time is approximately one hour.
The contraindications of this treatment are minimal, but like all cosmetic procedures, it is not without risk.

The most common side effect is a mild skin irritation immediately after the procedure, which fades rapidly.

Remember that before practicing any aesthetic procedure, even if it is something simple, it is recommended that you inform yourself well, that you are looking for a certified esthetician with experience in this procedure that evaluates the advantages and disadvantages.