The benefits of injectable vitamin C


Multiple studies demonstrate the benefits of vitamin C therapy

This is necessary for normal growth and development. Our body cannot produce this vitamin and cannot store it, so it is necessary to consume it in food or supplements. Additionally, when placed in large doses intravenously, it produces even more outstanding benefits in our body. Let’s see below some of the most important advantages of administering it this way.

Highly proven treatment. Multiple studies demonstrate the benefits of vitamin C therapy, a therapy not as we commonly know it in the form of tablets, but an intravenous therapy, that is, high concentrations of vitamin C applied directly into the vein.

Greater concentration in blood. Endovenous therapy with vitamin C achieves high concentrations that we would not achieve orally, we reach a blood level 125 times higher than taking it, which amplifies its antioxidant power.

Multiple systemic and local benefits. Improves the quality of the skin, increases body energy, protects against the aging of our cells, improves joint problems by maintaining and repairing bones, cartilage and teeth helps to decrease sugar levels, repairs damaged blood vessels, decreases the Cholesterol, regulates high blood pressure, is an aid in cataract problems since it improves blood circulation in the body and in the eyes, among many other benefits.

It has aesthetic benefits. Apart from the uses in the metabolism of our body, vitamin C is widely used in the aesthetic area and in anti-aging medicine; for its powerful action as an antioxidant, it promotes the formation of collagen, helping to improve the luminosity, tone, and texture of the skin.


Increases the immune response. Vitamin C supports the production of leukocytes, also known as white blood cells. These are the cells responsible for the immune response, that is, they intervene in the defense of the body against any invading agent, such as viruses, fungi, or bacteria.

Effective anticancer treatment. Its use in high doses has been shown to improve the quality of life of cancer patients, strengthening their immune system, enhancing the treatment they receive against cancer, and helping to control tumor growth, through the production of hydrogen peroxide in toxic levels for cancer cells but not for the body.

No adverse effects. Being a water-soluble type vitamin, it is not stored in the body without producing any type of toxicity.