What is skin pigmentation?


Pigmentation is a common skin problem in which the skin starts darkening. This appears in small dark patches not only on the face but also, this can spread all over the body. Well, apparently, this is not harmful but this can make your skin look  older. However, this can also appear as the symptom of various medical conditions.

Pigmentation can be categorized in several ways as follows:

: When your skin is exposed to the intense heat of sun over a period of time pigmentation can appear. In such cases, your face, hands, necks, shoulders are commonly affected.

This is triggered by the hormonal changes and most of the time, this appears during the time of pregnancy. And this type of pigmentation can come out on any part of your body but most commonly on the face and the belly.

Also, pigmentation can take place when the skin is injured.

Pigmentation is likely to appear when your skin starts producing more and more melanin. Melanin itself is a pigment that determines the complexion of your skin. Numerous conditions as mentioned above can cause pigmentation. However, don’t worry; advanced mesotherapy treatments like laser pigmentation treatments in London have been invented. By using the laser, mesotherapy helps in treating pigmentation without affecting the surrounding skin.

pigmentation treatment

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