How to get the Foxy Eyes effect without surgery

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Foxy eyes are the trend of the moment. With this technique you will be able to raise your gaze in a natural way through the infiltration of botox combined with hyaluronic acid or tightening threads, without the need to resort to surgery.

We tell you more about the foxy eyes below. You will achieve a striking and very attractive look. Do not miss it!

Types of Foxy Eyes
The foxy eyes treatment is aimed at people with a droopy eyebrow and no arch or those who want to have a more open and slanted eye.

This torn look is achieved through two procedures, depending on the results you want to obtain:

Foxy eyes with tensioning threads and botox.
Foxy eyes with botox and hyaluronic acid.
However, to opt for one or the other method, the recommendations of the specialists should also be taken into account, after carefully evaluating the face of each patient.

Among its effects we can highlight:

Reduction of wrinkles in the eye area.
Elimination of signs of fatigue.
Look rejuvenation.
Stimulation of collagen production.
Foxy Eyes with Botox and Hyaluronic Acid
This type of foxy eyes consists of the infiltration of a combination of small amounts of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid to laterally lengthen the tail of the eyebrow. It is a practically painless technique.

By infiltrating these substances just below the outer third of the eyebrow, we achieve an elevation and lengthening of the eye, and, therefore, a harmonious arching of the eyebrow and an almond-shaped effect on the eyes.

On the one hand, botox has a relaxing effect on the eyes, while hyaluronic acid is moisturising.


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Foxy Eyes with tensioning threads and botox
If more marked eyes are desired, the tensioning threads that are placed at the temples will be used, achieving a traction that allows the eyebrow and the upper part of the eyelid to be raised.


Additionally, in addition to the tensioning threads, this treatment is combined with botox by applying it to the outer area of ​​the eyes to ensure greater durability.

What are tensioning threads?
The tensioning threads are very fine threads, composed of polydioxanone (PDO), a biological material compatible and reabsorbable by the body, which allow the tissues to be lifted and tightened, and to activate the synthesis of collagen.

To achieve the foxy eyes, the threads are placed under the skin to achieve with traction, repositioning the position of the eyebrows straighter and higher. A thread or two are usually used on each side of the face, from the outer V of the eye to the top of the scalp.

Regarding the insertion of tension threads, it lasts approximately thirty minutes in a single session and is performed under local anesthesia to avoid discomfort.

Thanks to the PDO threads, the tension in the gaze is more natural, since around the tension threads a natural support tissue is formed by producing collagen and fibroblasts.

The results of this treatment are immediate, although until the third week the real effects will not be visible. The full effect can be seen 2 or 3 months after insertion. The material will be reabsorbed by the body after 6-8 months and its effects will last up to a year and a half later, once the threads disappear.

After the placement of the threads, the patient will check how the eye clears. He will also notice luminosity, openness, definition and a more rejuvenated look, having eliminated the feeling of fatigue from his face.

However, you should always go to an aesthetic medicine professional who works in accredited centers and clinics to avoid any risk in your treatments.