Vitamin cocktail to rejuvenate the face

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To take care of the line, to improve mood, to strengthen nails, hair, defenses … Vitamins have become fashionable for their great and diverse effectiveness. Therefore, it can be imagined that there are also specific vitamins to rejuvenate the face. Facial mesotherapy uses them as small intradermal infiltrations to achieve cell reactivation, providing more light, shine, and, consequently, improving the quality of our skin. Spring is the ideal time for a session of vitamins that nourish our skin for autumn.
It is a technique of rejuvenation, toning, and revitalization of the skin, although it is also applied to the neck, neckline, and hands. Facial mesotherapy, like body mesotherapy, is carried out through the direct application of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, and minerals in the form of microinjections, which contribute to the stimulation of different biological metabolisms of the skin, as well as to skin restructuring and repair of damaged skin. As Miguel de la Peña, a doctor in Aesthetic Medicine at the Diego de León Clinic, explains to Vanitatis, “with the application of this treatment in the deep dermis, an effect is achieved that no cream can achieve, however expensive it may be.”
Through small transcutaneous infiltrations of anti-aging and anti-flaccidity substances with very fine needles, the best penetration and greater absorption of the treatments are ensured. Thus, facial mesotherapy helps to stimulate fibroblast activity and, with this, improve skin regeneration and hydration. The flaccidity of the face, neck, neckline, and/or hands is counteracted and provides extra luminosity to the skin. “Another of its main advantages is to add volume to the tissues and restore the facial contour,” adds the doctor.
The treatment is composed of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other substances, which act by regulating cell growth, slowing down oxidation and aging, stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and other vital processes for skin balance and cell metabolism. In summary, with this technique, it is possible to rejuvenate the skin by providing intradermally everything that it loses over time.
With facial mesotherapy, the skin has immediate hydration, stretching, and remarkable luminosity. Thus, “it is indicated for young girls who want to look radiant in a special time or to prevent the appearance of wrinkles or sagging, but also for mature women since it helps to combat aging, malnourished, and even oily skin with enlarged pores, improving hydration, regeneration, firming and skin filling “, says De la Peña. “The novelty is that in our clinic when using high-density hyaluronic acid (the one commonly used for fillers), it significantly increases the skin’s hydration capacity and its tightening effect,” says the doctor. “Natural aging, sun, tobacco, and free radicals reduce the concentration of this substance that our body produces naturally, weakening its structure and its profile.”
From the first session, the results of this treatment become visible. In people under the age of 35, a single application may even suffice, since it is possible to combine different elements at the same time, such as vitamins with some other treatment such as peels, botox, etc. Its effects are observed in less than 48 hours, making it a highly recommended technique and used when a special event is approaching, such as parties, weddings, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to do it a week before, so that you have time to act completely. It is also perfect “for demanding women with their appearance, who work for the public or for professionals who live by their images, such as presenters, models, or actresses,” adds the doctor.
In the words of Dr. De la Peña, the “only drawback to facial mesotherapy is the short duration of its effects. The results are intense, but of limited duration; in other words, to maintain it, it must be carried out at least every month, ”he says. “The most recommendable thing, in general, is to have three separate sessions for 15 days so that the results are more lasting. Thus, depending on the state of the skin, it can last two weeks in women smokers over 50 years old, and up to four weeks in young girls with well-groomed skin. ” And it is that “the duration of the effect improves with the healthy habits of the patient. Tobacco consumption, for example, contributes to a greater and faster loss of product ”.


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