What payment methods are there?

In recent years, different types of payment have emerged that have revolutionized the day-to-day life of all consumers and businesses. Ready to update your payment method?

1. Cash payment

Cash payment consists of paying for a good or service with physical money, with a bank check to the bearer or with some other similar physical means. WE RECEIVE CASH PAYMENTS ONLY TO CUSTOMERS IN SWITZERLAND AND THE NETHERLANDS.

2. Payment by credit or debit card

Credit cards are issued by a bank and are associated with a checking account to which payments are charged.


3. Payment by Paypal

Paypal is a reliable and secure payment platform. It consists of a method of payment through the Internet that has the purpose of protecting the bank details of users. That is, Paypal allows you to pay by just entering the email and password, neither the account numbers nor any credit or debit card are necessary, so the chances of theft or fraud are reduced.


How to pay by Paypal?

Paying through Paypal is very simple. You just have to register and associate a card or bank account. The whole process is safe and requires several verifications to verify that it works correctly. Once registered, you can add the amount of money you want to your Paypal account and pay what you want just by entering your email and password, without personal or bank details.

4. Payment by bank transfer

This payment method consists of transferring the money directly from one bank account (that of the payer) to another (that of the beneficiary) and is one of the services with the highest volume of operations in banking. Nowadays, smartphones have simplified them, since they allow them to be carried out at any time and from anywhere.

When making a bank transfer, keep in mind that it is not immediate, so it may take several days to arrive.


5. Payment by mobile

Mobile payment is one of the fastest spread in the history of money. It consists of paying on the smartphone via TWINT to our number 0787468483 – Exclusively for customers in Switzerland.