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Crystal Carboxy Mask


Dr. Peel

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Laser Post-Treatment Hydrogel Mask


Mesotherapy Post-Treatment Mask






TIMEMACHINE HYAL 1000 30ml|220ml

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Ultra Lift Powder


Ultra Peptide Mask

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A facial peel consists of a deep exfoliation of the skin using products formulated with chemical components that renew and regenerate the superficial layer of the dermis to eliminate blemishes and blemishes and restore a uniform and healthy tone to the face.

Thanks to its action, it reduces wrinkles and nourishes and hydrates the skin to keep it looking young and glowing.

In addition, peels are used to treat and prepare the skin before using other facial treatments as they close the pores and contribute to their absorption.

Types of facial peel
Depending on the technique used and the composition of the product to be applied, there are different types of facial peeling:

Physical peeling: these are performed with a laser in specialized centers
Mechanical: specialized tools are used that, thanks to microparticles, remove dead cells and promote the generation of a new layer of skin that is healthier, cleaner and better looking
Chemical Peeling: it is the one that you can perform at home in a simple way thanks to specialized products that contain chemical components that eliminate the outer layer of the skin where the most superficial dirt and impurities are found.

They are used to restore a youthful appearance to the skin, mitigating the signs of aging and smoothing wrinkles.

We recommend that you only do superficial facial peels at home since, the more aggressive the treatment, the greater the risk of complications. To avoid burns and redness you should carry out the treatment under the supervision of a professional.

Peels smooth wrinkles
Helps reduce and prevent signs of aging, such as skin spots
Treat acne effectively
Thanks to desquamation, they promote skin cell generation and improve its appearance.
They prepare the skin for other treatments, as they close the pores and promote the absorption of nutrients