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How do these face rollers work?

The dermaroller is a beauty instrument that consists of a roller with very small microneedles that, when sliding over the skin, penetrate beyond the epidermis, the most superficial layer of our skin. These microneedles activate the blood flow of the skin and the cells of the dermis, delaying cellular aging and promoting the natural production of collagen.

The dermaroller also serves to achieve a better absorption of anti-aging beauty treatments. By making micro-insertions in the most superficial layer of the skin, you get your anti-wrinkle cream or serum to absorb more quickly and penetrate more deeply, this happens since the dermaroller expands the vessels of the epidermis. Thus, even the thickest molecules contained in beauty treatments can be absorbed after using the dermaroller.

In specialized aesthetic centers, rollers with microneedles of a greater length are used to achieve better results. For home use, the needles have a maximum length of 0.5 mm, the ideal length to take advantage of their benefits without damaging the skin or causing irritation.

It is also an exceptional treatment to eliminate cellulite, by activating blood circulation it is easier to dilute the fat accumulated in conflictive areas such as the abdomen or thighs. Combine it with your anti-cellulite cream for better results in less time.

How to use?
First of all, disinfect your roller with alcohol, as it penetrates the first layers of the dermis it is convenient that it is 100% free of bacteria to avoid irritation. Afterwards, gently rub it over your face and apply your favorite anti-aging treatment. Pass the dermaroller again on your skin for an optimal result and clean it again with alcohol. You will notice smoother skin with minimized pores after the first days of use.