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Protect the skin from the sun, key to avoid stains

They are one of the collateral damages of the sun. Skin blemishes are never welcome and are merely a reflection of inadequate sun exposure. In addition, it is common to read and hear that the skin has memory, but do we really know what it means? When we make this statement, we are referring to the fact that our skin accumulates sun damage (burns, dehydration, etc.) although it seems imperceptible, and problems (milder, such as spots, or more serious, such as melanomas) can arise a lot. time after ceasing to be exposed to solar radiation.

To raise awareness of the risks of inadequate exposure to the sun and the need to take care of our skin throughout the year, Dr. Cristina Villegas,  she adds that “we must be vigilant if new spots or changes appear in the nevi (moles). If so, the most advisable thing is to notify our dermatologist. ”

Although the sun is a source of health and well-being, we must always expose ourselves with adequate protection and follow these 10 key tips:

Use a sunscreen suitable for our skin phototype, as well as physical protection: hats, sunglasses …
Always apply the sunscreen 20-30 minutes before sun exposure on clean skin and renew the application every two hours approximately, especially after prolonged baths.
We must be very rigorous in sun protection for children since adequate protection during childhood reduces the incidence of skin cancer in adulthood.
Avoid sunbathing between 12 noon and 4 in the afternoon because the risk of sunburn despite the precautions is very high. Sun exposure should always be progressive.
We must be aware that on a cloudy day, even if we do not have the perception of heat, 80% of ultraviolet radiation reaches us and, therefore, we must protect ourselves equally.
In the water and in the shade we are also exposed to the sun and therefore we must also protect ourselves.
During outdoor sports, we must also use adequate sun protection, even in the winter months.
It is advisable to drink plenty of liquids – water and juices – to avoid dehydration.
After sun exposure we must generously cleanse and hydrate the skin.
We should go to our dermatologist if we observe any change in the shape, size, or color of our moles (nevi) or new spots appear. Following the ABC of the nevus can be helpful:
• A: asymmetry
• B: irregular edges
• C: color changes


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6 tips to care for and give volume to your lips

In addition to daily hydration, it is very important to exfoliate the lips once a week to eliminate dead cells and regenerate the skin.

The lips are a delicate part of our body that we must take care of to keep them soft, smooth, and hydrated. In addition, if we do it with natural products and massaging them regularly we can also achieve a certain natural volume.

We explain how we should exfoliate, hydrate, massage, and protect them, and we warn about the dangers of using certain lipsticks that contain substances dangerous to our health.

Once a week or every fortnight we can exfoliate, but always gently since it is a very sensitive area and we could irritate it. Peeling helps us regenerate the skin and eliminate dead cells that accumulate in the outer layers.

We will use olive or sesame oil with a little sugar or bicarbonate. We will gently massage the lips, rinse with warm or freshwater and hydrate them well. In this way, while gently exfoliating the lips with the sugar, we are hydrating them with the oil.

It is essential to continuously hydrate our lips, if possible using natural products, and especially after exfoliating, in times of very cold or very dry climates, with a lot of wind, etc.

For this, we will choose lip balms made with cocoa butter, argan oil, beeswax, etc.
We can also make our own homemade lipstick by mixing equal parts of beeswax, cocoa butter, and olive or almond oil.
In addition, we can add a drop of some edible essential oil that we like. For example, we can add and dissolve a drop of ginger, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, lavender, or mint essential oil well into the mix.
And if we still want to make it more original, with beet powder we will give it a reddish color. We will put everything in a bain-marie (except essential oils, which we will add when we put out the fire) and let it melt. We will mix it well and we will put it in molds, small bottles, or in empty lipsticks. Once it has cooled it will harden and it is ready to be used.
Lips painted with natural cocoa

To massage our lips we can put them in and tighten them well, while we take the air out of our lungs, and then take them out as much as we can while taking a deep breath.
We can also make them vibrate as if we were saying the letter B, which will provide a pleasant sensation and activate circulation.
We will massage them horizontally with both hands, as if we were cleaning our lips in an exaggerated way, dragging our hands out until we notice a soft tickle.
If we carry out these massages for at least 3 minutes, in a short time we will see how they seem more voluminous.

Solar protection
In summer times, and especially in hours of maximum solar radiation, we usually protect our skin with solar factor but we forget about the lips, which are also a very sensitive part of our body.

In the midday hours, we could use special lip balms with sun factor. We will find them in pharmacies, but try to choose one that does not contain parabens or other toxins for your health.

About lipstick
Most cosmetic products, including personal hygiene products, carry a large number of toxins that, for the moment, are allowed without real restrictions by the European Union.

These toxics are, for the most part, endocrine disruptors that, in addition, would be related to the appearance of cancers and tumors today. And in addition to being worrying because what is applied to our skin enters the body through the pores, it is even more serious when we consider that what we put on our lips we ingest directly.

Some of the most dangerous components are heavy metals, silicones, petroleum derivatives such as liquid paraffin, and preservatives, which accumulate in our body and which in the long run can be the cause of diseases. Furthermore, it is especially harmful to pregnant women and children, since it can be easily absorbed by the fetus.

That is why we recommend using organic lipsticks or that guarantee that they do not contain lead, which is added to them so that the lipstick lasts longer.

Beware of tobacco

Finally, one last tip for smokers. Tobacco, in addition to its negative effects on health and worsening the texture and color of our skin can also cause the appearance of the famous vertical wrinkles on the lips, which greatly age the face.



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The essential vitamins to take care of your skin in summer


What is the basic alphabet of vitamins to overcome the summer avoiding the premature signs of age? According to the nutrition experts at Kaiku Lactose-Free, these are the ones we should include whenever possible in our summer menus:

Vitamin A. Helps the body recover after strong sun exposure and controls possible blemishes on the skin. There are anti-aging ingredients that contain this vitamin, so a diet that incorporates foods known for their high content will help prevent premature aging and repair cells damaged by the sun.

Where do I find vitamin A?
We can find this vitamin in green leafy vegetables, like kale, and others like kiwi, strawberries, or yellow peppers.
Vitamin B. It is another great ally for the summer, thanks to its moisturizing and repairing power for the skin. It helps reduce acne and prevents redness and skin irritation that occurs when we have burned.

Where do I find vitamin B?
The foods in which we can find this vitamin are dairy. These keep the skin hydrated and balanced. In its lactose-free version, they also lighten digestions.
Vitamin C. The basics of summer. The so-called Sun vitamin helps to prepare the body physiologically at very high temperatures, thus preventing heatstroke or excess sweating. It helps keep body temperature at bay and its antioxidant power favors the production of collagen, protecting the skin from sun damage and the effects of UVA rays.

Where do I find vitamin C?
Not only oranges are a great source of vitamin C, parsley, red pepper, or papaya also do the same thing.
Vitamin D. An essential for the skin. It helps keep you strong and prevents aging. Smooth skin has fewer wrinkles. It should also be noted that not sunbathing (of course always with protection) is also harmful, and can lead to a risk of deficiency of this important vitamin.

Where to find vitamin D?
You will find it in fish such as sardines or tuna, which contain a large amount of this vitamin, as well as eggs.

Vitamin E. It plays a very important role, especially when combined with vitamin C. Its antioxidant effects have benefits that help protect the skin from sun exposure, both before and after sunbathing. In addition, it works as a natural antihistamine, reducing the effects of asthma and allergies that usually arrive in good weather. It has a barrier effect that prevents protection from free radicals, the main agents of aging.

Where to find vitamin E?
You’ll find it in tofu, walnuts, and spinach are loaded with vitamin E, in addition to meats like pork or sheep, and fatty fish like salmon.



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Foods that benefit the skin

If you want to have young and healthy skin, we advise you to include in your daily diet a series of foods that contain essential nutrients that benefit and protect the skin from the inside. Take note.

Foods that benefit the appearance of the skin

The secret to having radiant and healthy skin, and delaying the signs of aging to the maximum, is not only in the genetics and use of cosmetic creams; Caring for the skin from within, including in the daily diet a series of foods that contain essential nutrients that benefit the skin and protect it from external aggressions, such as cold or exposure to sunlight, is essential.
Therefore, we advise you to always stay hydrated, drinking enough water so that the body is hydrated and can easily eliminate toxins, sleep the number of hours recommended by experts, perform moderate physical activity on a regular basis and, in addition, continue a balanced diet that can not miss the foods that we propose below since they are full of substances and vitamins that nourish and care for the skin from the inside.


Mesotherapy (extract of different  vitamins and amino acids)

The best foods to take care of your skin


Grapefruit, lemon, orange, tangerine, lime … very rich in vitamin C, considered a powerful antioxidant that is involved in the formation of collagen, a protein necessary for the skin to retain its firmness and elasticity. You will also get a good supply of vitamin C by eating vegetables such as peppers or cabbage, and fruits such as kiwis.
Tip: so that they do not lose the vitamin, it is necessary to keep citrus fruits in a cool place and not peel them until they are consumed. If they are taken as a juice, it should be prepared when it is to be taken. Vegetables, better eat them raw or steamed.


They are a source of beta-carotene, a precursor to vitamin A that helps reduce sagging and wrinkles. Its consumption is recommended before sun exposure to achieve a more uniform and lasting tan, and because they have photoprotective properties, which does not mean that eating many carrots can substitute in any case the use of sunscreen creams.
Tip: other fruits and vegetables with an intense yellow and orange color – pumpkin, mango, sweet potato, peach – are also rich in carotenoids. As in the previous case, they must be kept fresh, and not peeled until they are taken.


It is the food with a higher concentration of lycopene, especially in the case of ripe tomatoes. Lycopene protects cells against damage caused by the action of free radicals, and it is considered that it also exerts a preventive action against the development of certain pathologies, such as prostate cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Tip: these advantages are achieved especially if the tomato is consumed cooked because in this way lycopene is better assimilated.


Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries … Red fruits contain vitamin C and flavonoids, which give them antioxidant properties, which prevent cell destruction and premature aging.
Tip: to avoid spoiling and losing nutrients, you must protect them from sources of light and heat, wash them whole, in cold water, and chop them just before consumption.
Olive oil and green leafy vegetables
Olive oil and green leafy vegetables

Both olive oil and chard, spinach, escarole …, thanks to its vitamin E content, protect cells from oxidative stress.
Tip: to maximize the properties of vegetables, the idea is to cook them with little water and for the shortest possible time.


Nuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts … They also contain vitamin E and reduce cellular oxidation. Nuts, in addition, are rich in copper, which acts as an anti-inflammatory.
Tip: they are an excellent snack to regain strength, and you can also include them in your stews or add to your salads.

Meat and eggs

They will provide you with proteins – which stop the loss of muscle tone and the sagging of the facial skin -, vitamin B6, and selenium, which prevents the skin from aging prematurely and prevents some of the most common alterations, such as spots or lack of elasticity.
Tip: the ideal is to eat roasted or grilled meats so that they retain all the nutrients and better appreciate their flavor.

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Why you need clean and natural Make up?

We love everything natural, we like to accept ourselves as we are. Without complexes and without hiding our true identity. This is why, if we want to wear makeup, it has to be as natural as we are. We have freckles, we have pimples, redness, dark circles, some drier skin and other oily skin. The last thing we want is to make disappear until the last apex of realism on our skin.

For this reason, if you still believe that the conventional makeup that you use day after day, has been created especially for you and you consider yourself inseparable, we will give you a guide on why natural makeup is what you will want from now. Ready?


1. The fact of being a natural makeup, already indicates that its natural ingredients will be recognized and integrated by the skin. These can be of all kinds, but the most important thing is to know what benefits these natural ingredients bring to the skin. There are natural ingredients such as apricot butter, which provides much more than functionality, provides nutrients, trace elements, vitamins … that the skin integrates and uses to function better, without leaving a greasy sensation.

2. Its ingredients give you hydration and are antioxidants. Because of their composition they do not clog pores and leave a soft, light and breathable skin. This type of makeup will allow you to get a natural and healthy finish. The most important! Its composition means that you have to treat it differently from the rest of the makeup products. Work it in areas, with a small amount, let the ingredients melt into your skin, to do this apply the products with the fingertips by means of taps, without dragging.

3. Neither dry nor fatty! It does not dry your skin, its ingredients provide a deep and lasting hydration, ideal for all skin types. If you have oily skin, don’t worry, since non-comedogenic vegetable oils are much less occlusive than mineral oils. Let your skin breathe and work normally. Prepare the skin to have a previous hydration, preferably with also natural cosmetic products, so that the makeup can be applied much better!

4.Your face will look better even without makeup. As we have said, natural makeup, thanks to its natural and nutritious components, brings more benefits than conventional makeup. And while you are wearing your makeup, it will nourish your skin, making it look radiant day after day, without clogging pores and letting it breathe naturally.

We cannot forget the surroundings.

Products formulated with natural ingredients are the most environmentally friendly option, they are consistent products in their manufacturing process. Respecting from its manufacturing process to the origin of the ingredients, all of them of plant origin and biodegradable. Ingredients of animal origin are not used, so it is suitable for vegan makeup. We love animals!

We want to feel good about ourselves, and at the same time also with the environment that is why natural makeup, in addition to promoting a healthy aspect of your skin, goes much further. We care about the planet, about animals, about people and about nature.