healthy lips

6 tips to care for and give volume to your lips

In addition to daily hydration, it is very important to exfoliate the lips once a week to eliminate dead cells and regenerate the skin.

The lips are a delicate part of our body that we must take care of to keep them soft, smooth, and hydrated. In addition, if we do it with natural products and massaging them regularly we can also achieve a certain natural volume.

We explain how we should exfoliate, hydrate, massage, and protect them, and we warn about the dangers of using certain lipsticks that contain substances dangerous to our health.

Once a week or every fortnight we can exfoliate, but always gently since it is a very sensitive area and we could irritate it. Peeling helps us regenerate the skin and eliminate dead cells that accumulate in the outer layers.

We will use olive or sesame oil with a little sugar or bicarbonate. We will gently massage the lips, rinse with warm or freshwater and hydrate them well. In this way, while gently exfoliating the lips with the sugar, we are hydrating them with the oil.

It is essential to continuously hydrate our lips, if possible using natural products, and especially after exfoliating, in times of very cold or very dry climates, with a lot of wind, etc.

For this, we will choose lip balms made with cocoa butter, argan oil, beeswax, etc.
We can also make our own homemade lipstick by mixing equal parts of beeswax, cocoa butter, and olive or almond oil.
In addition, we can add a drop of some edible essential oil that we like. For example, we can add and dissolve a drop of ginger, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, lavender, or mint essential oil well into the mix.
And if we still want to make it more original, with beet powder we will give it a reddish color. We will put everything in a bain-marie (except essential oils, which we will add when we put out the fire) and let it melt. We will mix it well and we will put it in molds, small bottles, or in empty lipsticks. Once it has cooled it will harden and it is ready to be used.
Lips painted with natural cocoa

To massage our lips we can put them in and tighten them well, while we take the air out of our lungs, and then take them out as much as we can while taking a deep breath.
We can also make them vibrate as if we were saying the letter B, which will provide a pleasant sensation and activate circulation.
We will massage them horizontally with both hands, as if we were cleaning our lips in an exaggerated way, dragging our hands out until we notice a soft tickle.
If we carry out these massages for at least 3 minutes, in a short time we will see how they seem more voluminous.

Solar protection
In summer times, and especially in hours of maximum solar radiation, we usually protect our skin with solar factor but we forget about the lips, which are also a very sensitive part of our body.

In the midday hours, we could use special lip balms with sun factor. We will find them in pharmacies, but try to choose one that does not contain parabens or other toxins for your health.

About lipstick
Most cosmetic products, including personal hygiene products, carry a large number of toxins that, for the moment, are allowed without real restrictions by the European Union.

These toxics are, for the most part, endocrine disruptors that, in addition, would be related to the appearance of cancers and tumors today. And in addition to being worrying because what is applied to our skin enters the body through the pores, it is even more serious when we consider that what we put on our lips we ingest directly.

Some of the most dangerous components are heavy metals, silicones, petroleum derivatives such as liquid paraffin, and preservatives, which accumulate in our body and which in the long run can be the cause of diseases. Furthermore, it is especially harmful to pregnant women and children, since it can be easily absorbed by the fetus.

That is why we recommend using organic lipsticks or that guarantee that they do not contain lead, which is added to them so that the lipstick lasts longer.

Beware of tobacco

Finally, one last tip for smokers. Tobacco, in addition to its negative effects on health and worsening the texture and color of our skin can also cause the appearance of the famous vertical wrinkles on the lips, which greatly age the face.



How carboxytherapy mask works?

Prevents skin aging:
It attenuates the appearance of wrinkles and prevents skin aging due to the action of gas that helps dilate the veins, thereby activating facial blood circulation.

Clarifies the skin:
By joining the gas foam with oxygen, small carbon bubbles are produced that help remove impurities from the skin.

Contract and moisturize the face:
Among the ingredients we have the extract of “bean germ” and Portulaca Olaracea (Verdolaga) that are responsible for keeping the skin hydrated because they create a protective layer on the mask that prevents moisture loss.

Relax and regenerate the skin:
Chamomile extract and Centella Asiatica are other essential ingredients that are responsible for relaxing skin muscles and protecting tissues from external stimuli.

For dull skin
Its coconut juice content smoothes the skin’s texture, moisturizes and returns that lost healthy glow that you miss so much.

Perfect skin
Refine the skin finish, close the pores and provide a more uniform texture. As? With cinnamon and shea extract, a pleasure for the senses.

Hydration injection
Do you think enough 120 hours of hydration? Well, this is what this mask designed to revitalize and deeply hydrate to archieve that pefect skin.

For clogged pores
Give your pores a break and leave them clean, toned and closed, so it will look after wearing this jewel.

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It is perfect and flawless in its formula to eliminate skin debris because it has a good washing function. The black sheet of the mask contains carbon dioxide that helps keep skin clean and healthy.

Gas bubbles are produced between the mask and the skin so that the cleaning intensity is perfect.

The mask holds the bubbles so that they can penetrate the skin well through the pores and thus work better providing excellent results.

How to Use
1. Clean the skin first, and let it dry.
2. Apply the gel in the container syringe over the skin.
3. Put on the mask and let it soaked with gel. keep the mask contacted to  the skin by tapping while Co2 gas is generated.
4. Take off the mask in 20~25 minutes, no more than 40 minutes.
5. Wipe out the gel and cleanse face.

This treatment is 100% safe.