Lipo Lax injection is one of the treatments that is made to destroy and dissolve fat cells by simply injecting drugs directly into the subcutaneous fat of the face and body.

By acting on extra fat, such as under the chin and upper arms, which is said to be difficult to lose in a normal diet, such as dietary restrictions, it has the effect of adjusting the line without using a scalpel.

In order not to regret lipolytic injections, it is important to understand the effects, risks, and side effects of lipolytic injections, such as small facial treatment and partial weight loss.


Lipolax injection does not use anesthesia or a scalpel/suction tube such as liposuction.

Lipolax injection is also called mesotherapy, but originally mesotherapy means “therapeutic method that injects drugs directly into the skin.”

Mechanism of fat reduction by Lipo Lax injection.
A lipolytic injection is a slimming treatment that supports the loss of subcutaneous fat. When a medication is injected into an area of concern, fat cells in that area are destroyed and discharged by macrophages (cleaning cells inside the body that take advantage of dead cells) along with urine and feces.

Destroyed fat cells do not regenerate
Once destroyed, fat cells do not regenerate.

The symptoms of obesity are not caused by an increase in fat cells, but by swelling of fat cells. Since it is said that the number of fat cells barely increases or decreases in adults, it can be said that by reducing fat cells by Lipo Lax injection, the subcutaneous fat that is of concern also decreases.

Benefits of losing weight with fat solution injection

Less worry about bouncing
It is said that fat cells at the site where the drug is injected by Lipo Lax injection are discharged from the body and the number decreases, and the fat cells discharged do not regenerate. However, if adipocytes that remain undisturbed due to irregular lifestyles, such as excessive alcohol consumption, eating away from home, and lack of exercise, can recover. It is important to maintain a healthy diet and moderate exercise after the injection of the fast solution.

Point to partial thinning
It is said that partial weight loss is difficult with a diet of its own style. It is not easy to keep only the fat you want to maintain, such as the breasts and hips, even if you are dieting due to exercise, because the basal metabolic power decreases and it becomes difficult to lose weight with excessive dietary restrictions. It is said that Lipo Lax injections work only on fat at the site of drug injection, so you should be able to aim at partial thinness without difficulty.




Smooth cellulite
Skin irregularities that appear on the thighs and hip lines are usually called cellulite, but the structure is the same as other subcutaneous fats. Therefore, it can be said that the irregularity of the skin can be smoothed by injecting the drug in the area where cellulite is worrisome by Lipo Lax injections and destroying and eliminating fat cells.

It leads to a small improvement of the face
One of the reasons why it is difficult to remove fat on the face is related to the function of facial muscles.

It is said that the facial muscles that are used daily are approximately 20-30%. If the metabolism is reduced by not using the muscles, it can cause bloating and sagging fat. However, it should be borne in mind that excessive training of the facial muscles may have the disadvantage that the masseter muscles develop and become elastic. The treatment with Lipo Lax injection leads to the improvement of sagging fat by breaking and dissolving excess fat on the face.

Sites that can be treated with a Lipo Lax injection:
Lipo Lax injection can be performed at various sites with subcutaneous fat.

Woman receiving a Lipo Lax injection

Facial fat
Eyelid, fat under the eyes, cheeks, nose, face line, under the chin.

Body fat
Neck, upper arm, chest (bust), abdomen (waist), back, hip, thigh, knee, calf, ankle


Resistant to major surgery such as liposuction.
Improve fat to feel the thickness of the eyelids
Improves fat buckling at the corners of mouths and splinter lines
Improved sagging cheeks and facial lines.
Improved clearance under the chin, double chin
Improves fat in the upper arm and bra
I want to adjust the waist
Improves fat in knees and calves
Improves hip and thigh fat
Improvement of thick fat in the back.



If the fat cells are destroyed more than necessary, such as around the eyes and cheeks, the firmness of the skin is lost and often gives the impression of aging. It is said that fat cells that have been destroyed by injection of lipolytic drugs do not regenerate.

Therefore, it is important to select a doctor who is familiar with the anatomy, can determine the amount of fat and can predict the line after losing weight. Let’s aim for the ideal thin line with proper treatment by injection of the fat solution and regular lifestyle.