What is liquid rhinoplasty?

liquid rhinoplasty information

The nose is the central part of the face and small changes can make a big difference to your appearance. For this reason, many people resort to liquid rhinoplasty or non-surgical rhinoplasty, which is the injection of dermal fillers into the nose to alter its shape. It is a great option for patients who have isolated deformities of the nose, such as a dorsal hump or minor asymmetries.


liquid rhinoplasty

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty is also a great option for those who want instant results. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it can also be a great option for those patients who have undergone rhinoplasty in the past and who have minor irregularities after the operation. However, these patients require more experience and care in their injections as the blood supply has already changed after surgery and the risks of complications may be higher. Likewise, non-surgical rhinoplasty is also a great option for those who want instant results, cannot afford a surgical rhinoplasty, and cannot take considerable time off work. Finally, patients can also undergo liquid rhinoplasty to “test” if they want to take the plunge and get a more definitive surgery.


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On the other hand, it is important to remember that during this procedure, the filler is injected, thus adding volume. In this sense, this default technique will increase the nose, so it is not a good option for those patients who already have a larger nose and need a reduction.